Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You know when you are "Old Guard"....

...when you don't get any leaflets at the Gameplay 2006 exibition.

Well this weekend it was HCC 2006 time again. In the Netherlands this is/was the biggest computer event for the ordinary person. In former days (a couple of years back) it was huge.
But now every year it becomes smaller, the reason is that prices for companies is going up. Also the entrance fees are also exceeding normal levels (20 euro's for HCC and the Gameplay event).

Anyway, I consider myself a reasonable gamer, perhaps even Above Average (Elite rulez).
With the Battlefield game series as my main waste of time. But that doesn't matter, as at the Gameplay event I didn't get any leaflets from the booth girls. I clearly wasn't part of the target audience. All those poor kids did get them, but then they should, because then you've got something to read while waiting in a huge queue just to take a look at the new Playstation 3.

But I did get my new headphone set, but because of the very loud music it was very hard to actually buy it.

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