Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No need for speed?

Just played with a new game Need for Speed Carbon. Of course the movie cuts are great, the graphics are good, well perhaps I am getting spoiled? But general I think this game is another example of spicing up a ordinary racing game with a lot of useless stuff.
I don't care about painting my front spoiler, mainly because I never see it.

Instead, this game should concentrate on good racing capabilities, which it doesn't. The races in the GTA games are much better, and in those games the racing is just a small part of the game.

In the old days I enjoyed a lot playing the Testdrive games for the Amiga. In fact except for the graphics there hasn't been much of a change compared with NFS.

A much better racing game is the free(!) Trackmania Nations. In this game the behaviour of the racing cars are more realistic compared to NSF. And because other peoples are designing custom racing tracks there are lot of different tracks to race on. This game brings back the simple old days in which the games where more focused on gameplay, rather than nice movie-cuts and pointless graphical features.

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